Completed~Green Girl

# Over the years I have loved and admired Surrealism and Dali’s Works….and a New Artist I have found Benjamin Prewitt work is just breathtaking, so check him out and Enjoy! ~ Debs xo

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.


Green Girl
14″ x 18″
Acrylic and oil pastel
On canvas



I don’t want Green Girl to fall along the wayside as so many of my previous surrealistic pieces have in the past so I’m calling her completed. For better for worse for whatever reason I don’t feel I have anything else to give her. So to the world I give you Green Girl.
A story of history and birth. A story of strength and restriction. A message of perseverance in the face of subjectivity and objectivity. When the dust settles are we not all just made of simple bits that when composed into a larger picture create a thing of great beauty and respect.


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