The Shine On Award…



# I was awarded The Shine On Award by:
Receiving this today was really touching and made my heart smile! Caroline is such a beautiful soul, fellow Nurse buddy, and she writes from the heart beautifully!
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.



# 7 things about me…hmmm ok:

  1. I am a mom – I had my son young and it has been the most amazing experience in life! My son is a great person!
  2. I am a Nurse and I love my job! I love being able to help people and help make a difference….I work in all area’s of the Hospital but mainly I work with the Elderly! And I was also a Hairdresser for a few years!
  3.  I am a bit of a Book Nerd & Music Junkie – they both enrich and soothe my mind and soul through roller-coaster of life!
  4. I’m a sensual & passionate person…I love Sky-diving, the Beach, Animals, watching Movies especially on a rainy day and having a laugh!
  5. I can be a bit shy at times…but believe I am a true and honest person! I can’t stand bullshit, I prefer people to be upfront and honest with me and tell the truth whether its good or bad!
  6. I am an aspiring Poet…not very good but learning!
  7. Favourite Colour is Purple | Favourite Drink is Vodka Lemonade & Lime | Favourite Food is Italian, Thai & White Chocolate…


# My Nominations & Awards goes to:

This is so hard to choose just 15 …I have a Post where I list Blogs that are my Favourites  [ ] and most of them have received this Award already….so please click on the link to view them!


1. Darwin Blake | The Almost Famous Author of Poetry.

  • Blog –  The Poems, Prose and Musings of Mr Darwin Blake.|
  • Twitter – @DarwinBlake

2.  Thomas Snow | Author of Poetry. 

3. Kat Bastion | Author of Poetry & Paranormal Romance.

  • Author – Utterly Loved | Highland Legend Series
  • Blog –
  • Twitter – @KatBastion

4. Cameron Lincoln | Author of Erotic Romance.

5. Chris Kuhn | Aspiring Writer.

  • Coming soon  – The Muse Unlocked
  • Blog –
  • Twitter – @ChrisKuhnAuthor
  • Facebook – Chris Kuhn Author

6. Tammy Louise Wilkins | Author of Poetry & Fiction.

7. Dana Trias Marion

8. Katrina Storey | Aspiring Writer.

9. Kat Fraser | Hopeful Author.

10. Amelia Oesmani

11. Joan Gillen | The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl.

12. Mirabella | Poet.

13. Lady of the Loch | Aspiring Writer.

14. Lisa Fulham | Author of Fiction.

15. Clara Holden | Author of Poetry & Erotic Fiction.


#Some of my other Favourties that have already received this Award are:

# Benjamin Prewitt | Expressions of my life – An evolution of art.

# P J Bayliss | Author of Poetry & Aspiring Erotic Author.

  • AuthorRestraint | Taboo
  • Currently writing Novel – Chronicle | Chemical Romance
  • Blog – P J Bayliss |
  • Twitter – @YrMonAmi & @PJBayliss

# BL Ronan | Author of Poetry.

# Eve Meyrick | Aspiring Writer.

# Penelope Jones | Author of Poetry & Erotica.

  • Author – Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath | The Babysitter Extradinaire | The Exception: an external kiss
  • Blog – Little bit of Nice and a Whole lot of Naughty! |
  • Twitter – @Penelope_Prose & @The_Bad_Penny

# Genevieve Dewey | Author of Contemporary Fiction & Romance.

  • Author – The Downy Series | The Bird Day Battalion | The V-Day Aversion
  • Blog –
  • Twitter – @GenevieveDewey

# Angel

# Gel Mariano

# Sal (SW36)

# Brandon Harris

# Steve Hadraniel

# Toro

# Poetic Passions

# Man Behind the Steel Mask | Protected Blog › Log in

# Through the Lens | Pics, words and thoughts from a random Scottish guy….

Please go check out their Blogs, you won’t regret it 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Shine On Award…

  1. Congrats love. Well deserved. And you so are good. Also thank you for mentioning me. As always am humbled and honored you like my merde…?8^)

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