Ode to Mirabella…


Ode to Mirabella

An erotic sensual being whom in habits this earth.
Igniting you through words and pictures.
Filling your sight, mind and soul endlessly…
Touching you with a gentle flick of her words –
Leaves you with a deep penetration of feeling!

 © debradml (2012)



This beautiful inspiring Lady was one of the first people I met on Twitterland ….her Sun beams shined so brightly and I just knew we’d become friends  🙂

I wrote this small amount of a few words for her back then and it was the first time in many many years I had even attempted too….she loved of course as she is a generous and unique soul!

Her Words and Visions are on Fire you should take a look…..@una_tentazione



4 thoughts on “Ode to Mirabella…

  1. Never has anyone touched my heart so! Am speechless love…truly. You have such a kind heart and always gift such shine! Humbled by your words and honored to call you friend. All my love sweet girl! Bells xxx

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