An Interview with B.L. Ronan

# Brilliant Interview with Author/ Poet B.L.Ronan ~ Debs xo

So The Story Goes

We are fortunate to have had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with friend and writer B.L. Ronan, author of saudade.  Join us as we discuss inspiration and her journey into self publishing…

So The Story Goes:Have you always wanted to write?

B.L. Ronan: i have always been a dreamer – creating and living stories almost constantly.  so in the essence of creating as a writer does, yes. i love words but it was not until middle and high school that i used it as a form of expression.

STSG:Have you always been drawn to poetry as a medium?

B.L.: my mind tends to be lyrical and i therefore have an immediate connection to the medium of poetry and prose. i find i get the most fulfillment out of it because i am able to essentially breathe my heart onto the page.

STSG:Where do you…

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