Words on the Ocean…

The Ocean
So calming is the Ocean
Ever so pure and free
I get caught up in the motion
A symphony I call the “Sea”
Over taken are my senses
I’m transfixed within its core
Drawn completely into
the power, taste and roar…
As I walk along the shore line
With sand between my toes
Magic beads are gently massaging
The wind whistling in trees as I go
I listen to the soothing sounds
And breathe in the fresh open air
Becoming mesmerised by dancing waves
Creating sand sculptures with such flair
Beautiful birds are gliding overhead
Gently adding to the sounds
With childrens laughter singing
As they skim rocks that they have found
I search for shells along the way
That have travelled from afar
That when placed next to your ears
Replay the sounds they’ve heard so far
Finally diving into the crystal waters
I feel cleansed and so set free
Thinking how at home I am here
My Solace, My Soul, My Sea….

© debradml (2013)

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