Ode to PJ Bayliss…


Ode to PJ Bayliss

Cascade your words upon us
As your imagination burns
Sweet sensual and erotic stirrings
Through your Haiku, Poems and Words
Delivering an intimate journey
With an intensity so raw
Stimulating passionate vibrations
That seeps deep into thy core
Overcome desire blooming
Tempting pleasure that is so pure
Penetration becomes evident
As the taste leaves you wanting for s’more…
© debradml (2013)

7 thoughts on “Ode to PJ Bayliss…

  1. Funny story…

    That profile pic was taken one lunch time in a car park building, just east of Chancery Square, Auckland. I don’t do lunch breaks very often, if at all, and on this particular day I went with a colleague to the Freyberg Place water fountain. It’s a pretty special inner-city place with pigeons foraging as shoppers walk through.

    There’s a cool basement bookshop across the street and we spent 30 minutes in there just browsing the books. It was a bit of stress relief from my typically hectic day job, and the scented book shelves took us away into a world of fantasy into the pages of Huck Finn, LOTR, and others fantasy epics. Both of us fantasised about a life of ‘freedom’ beyond chaotically complex project briefs and office politics.

    We talked about our inner moment on the way back and was ducking into the dimly-lit car park to catch a lift when she asked if I would ever consider being an author. I said I was ‘reserved’ about that idea, and that was the very moment we came across that sign…

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