Words on Mr. Darwin Blake…


👑 I came across the gentleman’s work via Twitter and have been following him ever since…he has actually been apart of the process in me finding myself getting back into writing poetry and finding the courage to share it out there….hence deciding to start a blog, with the encouragement from a special friend as well!

So after reading some of his work I became inspired to write several Poems for him….


Ode to the Prince of Prose

Excitedly I search the scroll.
Looking for his words.
Anticipation grows…
Then “Jackpot” hits the spot.
As I start to read…
Tantalising words take me.
My world transcends in time.
So intimate…perfection.
Recollections are devine.
Tingling sensations surface.
Endless rolling waves occur.
Oh my this man…
I’m captivated, Touched & Inspired.
© debradml (2013)


I really hope Mr. Darwin Blake puts out a Book with a collection of his words soon as they are Amazing!
I love them all dearly….but some of my favourites are:
My Lover
If you’d like to go read his words you can follow him on Twitter or his Blog… Happy reading!

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