My Review on “Restraint” by PJ Bayliss

# Restraint is a Fabulous must read!

Restraint delivers a compilation of 50 Erotic poems themed around Love, Passion, Pain, Torment, Lust, and Sensuality. Inspired by best-selling Erotica authors, P.J. Bayliss has reached deep within himself to provide verses of sensual and romantic love that delight and provoke.

Restraint contains material that touches the readers soul on so many different levels leaving them breathless, emotionally inspired, and craving for more. The poems are arranged from his first works to the latest to include the epic ‘lliad-styled’ Misery from Mistress D; a 6-page 1,900 word BDSM-themed piece.

P.J. Bayliss attempts to transform the reader’s world into a realm of sensual fantasy in a classy, cleverly-written style of writing. He draws out the imagination of the audience while providing the basic framework for their own personal journey into his sensual world.


My 5-Star Review on this captivating book of Erotic Poetry:

I have been waiting for this Book to come to me via mail…..but after reading & hearing tantalising things along the way the anticipation became too much ….so I had to download it via Kindle as well! And let me tell you ….I am not disappointed.

This Gentleman has great talent and I will treasure the Book Version when it comes!

It’s an impressive collection of work by PJ Bayliss – he takes you on an unforgettable journey with his passionate words and you transcend into each and every deep, pure, sensual and intimate moment with him, which leaves you panting for s’more!

I am SO looking forward to reading more of his captivating work – Can’t wait for “Chronicle – A Diary of Social Media Maddness” & “A Chemical Romance – A Trilogy of Romance” to come out!


📝 An Introduction written by the Author ~ PJ Bayliss:

My writing is fictional and fantasy-based Contemporary Romance / Erotica. I reach for various renowned authors and their stories for inspiration, along with encouragement from poets and friends from around the world. I research topics extensively with a particular inclination towards Greek mythology, Gods, Goddesses, and the seven biblical sins.


My first book is Restraint. It is purely poetry that I have produced throughout 2012 and I’ve produced it in this format to enable fanatical Poetry fans to appreciate the best of my works in one volume. This book……(If you want to know more you can purchase his book Restraint via Amazon for only 99 cents, there is a link below…)


# Author’s Social Media Links::

Blog –

Twitter – @PJBayliss & @YrMonAmi

Goodreads – PJ Bayliss

Amazon –



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