Words on Twilight Fan Fiction…


When I originally heard about the “Twilight Series” I thought it was a movie for teenagers….a few years passed when a friend invited me over for a Movie Night and I watched the first DVD in the Series and became instantly intrigued!

I then went out and purchased the Book and read it straight through….I then had to know what was going to happen next so immediately purchased the remaining books and read the whole Series within a week!!!

The Fourth Movie “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” was due out at the end of that year so after reading all the Books in the Series I also purchased and watched the other DVD’s to the Series!

From there I heard about the Books “Fifty shades of Grey” and how E. L. James had written on this thing called Twilight Fan Fiction – at the time I thought this was an interesting concept, but never looked into it.

I then found and fell in Love with Sylvain Reynard’s Books – “Gabriel’s Inferno & Rapture”,  and Googled him as I wanted to read more of his works……this lead me to Twitter & Goodreads, where the world opened up to a whole new world of very talented people and thus finding out more about Twilight Fan Fiction and many other Authors who started out from there!!!

Some of my Favourities to date are:-

  • E. L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey Triology
  • Sylvain Reynard – Gabriel’s Inferno & Gabriel’s Rapture
  • Alice Clayton – Wallbanger, The Unidentified Redhead & The Redhead Revealed
  • Debra Anastasia – Poughkeepsie, Crushed Seraphim, Bittersweet Seraphim & Shackled
  • Kahlen Aymes – The Future of our Past & Don’t forget to remember me
  • J. M. Darhower – Sempre
  • Sarah M. Glover – Grave Refrain
  • Tara Sivec – A Beautiful Lie, Seductions & Snacks, Futures & Frosting and Troubles & Treats
  • Christina Lauren – Beautiful Bastard & Beautiful Stranger
  • Jennifer Lane – Streamline
  • Morgan & Jennifer Locklear – Exposure

# Check out www.TwiFanFictionRecs.com for others…


Some others that aren’t yet published but have captured me are:-

# Random Cran (Miss Cranberry)

# Morgan Locklear (MOG)

# MeilleurCafe (SerendipitousMC)

# MG2112 (Avi Footwear Goddess) 

# Sweet Dirty Draco

# Gothic Temptress (Blantant Oddities)

# Raum (Raum Tweet)

# Anais Mark

# Writing Babe

# Mostly a Lurker

# Cosmogirl7481

# Sydney Alice

# Silly Bella

# Just Duckie

# Anna Lund

# Deb24601

# Jaxon22

# The Fic Chick

# TKegl

# Vancouver Canuck Girl

# Ms Kathy

# Sunflower Queen

# Afonz


7 thoughts on “Words on Twilight Fan Fiction…

  1. I love this post!!! Thank you for gathering all these wonderful writers in one convenient place!!! I’ve only read a few, now I can read them all!!! Wooooohooooo!

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