Hello and welcome :-)


Hello and welcome to my blog 😉

I live in Australia, I’m a mom and my profession is Nursing!  I decided to do this Blog to express myself more out into the Universe ~ I can be a bit shy and hold alot of myself within! It’s baby steps and I am learning as I go but I really am enjoying putting some of myself down to share…mainly for my “Sticky Little Leaf” my beautiful son! He is a talented writer, who is forever correcting my english lol as I’m not very good and I hope to inspire him to believe in himself more xoxox

My job has allowed me to meet some amazing people over the years, especially in working with the older generation ….I love to hear their stories about their life ~ where their from and what they’ve done in their lifetime!

When I was younger I use to write Poetry but stopped in my 20’s…..recently I have been inspired to start again, I’m not great but am enjoying expressing myself again!


Also I have an addiction called reading!!!  In books, poems or quotes I do believe “you can loose yourself and find yourself there too…share in great minds, actions and undertakings…I love it when the words just reach out and grab you”!


“Reading & Music enriches, soothes and guides my soul through the seasons of life!” ~ By debradml (2012) 


# Please Note: That all my writing/ stories/ posts/ contributions with the exception of reader comments or otherwise stated are the property of the author/ administator of this Blog “Words from across the Ocean”. Fair Use applies to all of the picture etc. used within…

Thanks for stopping by…I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen, and please be sure to leave a comment, like and/ or follow me!


Debs xox


2 thoughts on “Hello and welcome :-)

  1. lovely first post an introduction, you must be a very organized person.
    already knew you’re in Aussieland, thats cool, we have a lot of Aussies in British Columbia.
    Will be exploring your blog world more soon. Just wanted to say hi. Hugs and Howls

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