The Grandma That Nobody Wanted by Linda Apodaca #CinnamonTreats

S.J's Blog

It was a cool and breezy day in May and I needed something to do, so I went for a walk around the block. There was a nursing home a few blocks from my home and when I reached it I saw a little old lady with Snow White hair sitting in a wheelchair, all alone. She looked so lonely yet she had a smile upon her face. I could see her mouth moving but nobody was around. I didn’t even know this lady or anything about her but she some how reminded me of my own grandmother whom I had just lost only two months earlier. Oh how I miss that sweet dear soul and our visits together. I also felt a tugging at my heart to go over and talk to her.(probably Grammy saying,”what if that were me.?”) so as I got closer I yelled out..HELLO GRANDMA! The…

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