Let Sleeping Love Lie Part Two by KB Mallion.

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As promised here is the second part of KB Mallion’s story Let Sleeping Love Lie, if you haven’t read part one you will find it here… http://wp.me/p4rGhL-tJ

The following week, I returned to the pub with a heavy, and incredibly guilty, heart. As soon as Will saw me, the disgust and disappointment was written all over his pale and resentful, face.
He used to look at me in such a beautiful way, that it left me feeling special; giddy and weak, that kind of special. Now, I was something so terribly tainted; he just looked right through me. To him, I was now soiled goods. To him, I no longer existed.

In that painful and sickening moment, I knew that we were forever over. Whatever ‘we’ once were, had now absolutely gone. Nothing I could say or do, would ever change that.
So I begrudgingly, carried on seeing Ed for a…

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