Christmas Eve by Sydney Taylor #CinnamonTreats

S.J's Blog

The night before Christmas,

She walked through the door.

Dropped all of her packages,

Right there on the floor.

She hung up her coat,

And kicked off her shoes.

Turned on some music,

The sweet sound of blues.

Made her way to the kitchen,

For a glass of red wine.

There she found his note,

It sent tingles down her spine.

Have you been a good girl?

All Sugar and spice?

Time for Santa to find out,

If you’re naughty or nice.

Bring up two glasses,

And the bottle of wine.

Leave your clothes here,

I want to see all that’s mine.

Quickly she stripped,

Her ample frame bare.

Her nipples grew hard,

from the chill in the air.

At the top of the stairs,

She entered their room.

Heart pounding her chest,

A deafening boom.

At the sight of him,

She was licking her lips.

A Santa hat on…

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