A Lacey Tale… Continued

A LACEY TALE ~ Continued…

As she enters the car sent to collect her
Her skin prickles
With excitement…

Following the instructions sent
She places the mask over her eyes
Which heightens her state of anticipation…

When the car comes to a stop
Her heart beats faster
As the moment has arrived…

The door opens briskly
And she inhales a fresh Ocean scent
Combined with a spicy cologne…

A strong hand lays on top of hers
As he speaks for the first time
His voice is like deep, velvet, chocolate…

“Welcome my lovely guest, I see you received my gifts… You are such a good girl”
She manages to say Thank-you, as her mouth is dry & she is so nervous!

Then he runs his hands slowly down her body
And removes her shoes
Explaining she won’t be needing them…

Guiding her then from the car
On a short walk along the sand
He stops and whispers his warm breathe in her ear…

“We’re here my lovely, are you ready for s’more”
All she can do is nod her head…

He then gently removes her mask
The sight she be holds is breathtaking
A candle lit dinner set out on a secluded beach…


© debradml (2014)

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