The Process~ Healing Waters

The incredible stages my talented friend and Artist uses in his process to create a unique pieces of Artwork!

You should go check his site out… it’s a must!!!


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Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Since the very beginning of me starting this blog and site I’ve been posting the “The Process” over time and complications from life and lack of time do to travel I haven’t been able to stay up on providing you some examples of what my creative process is like.
Today even though I’ve a number of things on my mind and a number of things in my physical life to attend to I’d very much like to share the start and completion of Healing Waters with you. So as we begin, here are the main implements used in the creation of this piece.
I’m pretty simple in the tools I use most of the time. Here you’ll see a basic utility brush that’s about 25 years old, two of my palette knives, two rubber spatulas made by Catalyst some sandpaper a spray bottle and dish of warm, clean…

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