#TreatWeek by Chris Kuhn

#TreatWeek special by Author Chris Kuhn…

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The Wait.


Outstretched arms envelop completely
Faithfully fortressing scarred hearts lovingly
Each indention and dimple, ready to burst
Every drop of pure desire, arousing my thirst.
I lap it up and taste each salty drop between my lips,
Brimming, with limbs locked, hips crash into hips.

I welcome you, all of you, as I have from the start.
Invited to the most secret corners of my heart,
Naked and longing, two unsettled souls,
Whisking past niceties and emotional holes.
Blemishes, folds, stretch marks in all directions
Kissing, licking, cherishing imperfection.

Clutching your hand to tow through the mire
Fueled by yearning and stoked by desire.
The narrowest passage guides to what stirs
Quivering bodies and their sweet scents lure
A maelstrom of tongues, a plunge sunk so deep,
The happiest drowning, as hearts take a leap.

Tenderness cleanses lingering uncertainty,
Passion washes away remnants of apathy.
Bathed in the clarity…

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