Words on a Battled Heart


(Artwork by Tammy L Wilkins)


This battled heart
Is one tough little organ
That still pulses to life
After the injuries & scars
It has received during
The game of love.

As I carefully try to mend it,
Thoughts travel back
To where it was once
So innocent and free…
Before it entered into
This crazy game.

So full of hope and promise
In seeking its soulmate
And living the Happily ever after dream…
I continue to read it, hopeful tales
Of when others have won…
To lift and spur it on!

So maybe one day…
Through lessons learned
In this life or the next
This precious heart
Will finally get to win
And find the love that it seeks!


© debradml (2013)

2 thoughts on “Words on a Battled Heart

  1. Howling at the moon, that he may keep your path lighted when the sun sleeps. A deeply moving poem Ms Debra. Face licks

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