Ode to Toro…


Ode to Toro:

Hearts are bleeding from you’re news because we love you…
In this short time how you’ve touched us so deep…
Can’t stop thinking of how we should be there with you…
To hold your hand would make it complete!
I sat upon the beach today just staring…
Wondering why and was there something I could do?
Everything that seemed to matter yesterday is nothing
Compared to what you are going through!
So please know that when you feel like you need us
Close your eyes and feel our arms around you tight!
For in our hearts we will be right there with you…
Shining brightly as the days turn into nights.
And there we will continue to hold you…
Until our paths do cross again!
Take care and know that we love you
Our dear and beautiful Friend
xxx Baci
© debradml 2013


Completed~Green Girl

# Over the years I have loved and admired Surrealism and Dali’s Works….and a New Artist I have found Benjamin Prewitt work is just breathtaking, so check him out and Enjoy! ~ Debs xo

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.


Green Girl
14″ x 18″
Acrylic and oil pastel
On canvas



I don’t want Green Girl to fall along the wayside as so many of my previous surrealistic pieces have in the past so I’m calling her completed. For better for worse for whatever reason I don’t feel I have anything else to give her. So to the world I give you Green Girl.
A story of history and birth. A story of strength and restriction. A message of perseverance in the face of subjectivity and objectivity. When the dust settles are we not all just made of simple bits that when composed into a larger picture create a thing of great beauty and respect.


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The Shine On Award…



# I was awarded The Shine On Award by:
Receiving this today was really touching and made my heart smile! Caroline is such a beautiful soul, fellow Nurse buddy, and she writes from the heart beautifully!
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.



# 7 things about me…hmmm ok:

  1. I am a mom – I had my son young and it has been the most amazing experience in life! My son is a great person!
  2. I am a Nurse and I love my job! I love being able to help people and help make a difference….I work in all area’s of the Hospital but mainly I work with the Elderly! And I was also a Hairdresser for a few years!
  3.  I am a bit of a Book Nerd & Music Junkie – they both enrich and soothe my mind and soul through roller-coaster of life!
  4. I’m a sensual & passionate person…I love Sky-diving, the Beach, Animals, watching Movies especially on a rainy day and having a laugh!
  5. I can be a bit shy at times…but believe I am a true and honest person! I can’t stand bullshit, I prefer people to be upfront and honest with me and tell the truth whether its good or bad!
  6. I am an aspiring Poet…not very good but learning!
  7. Favourite Colour is Purple | Favourite Drink is Vodka Lemonade & Lime | Favourite Food is Italian, Thai & White Chocolate…


# My Nominations & Awards goes to:

This is so hard to choose just 15 …I have a Post where I list Blogs that are my Favourites  [ http://debradml.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=125&action=edit ] and most of them have received this Award already….so please click on the link to view them!


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4. Cameron Lincoln | Author of Erotic Romance.

5. Chris Kuhn | Aspiring Writer.

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Please go check out their Blogs, you won’t regret it :-)


Interview with Author Kat Bastion

It’s my pleasure and honour folks to support and share a little further insight into the very talented Kat Bastion…. Author of “Utterly Loved” and Debut Novel “Forged in Dreams & Magick“, which is being released in September 2013!
I came across this Lady’s work towards the end of 2012 through our mutual admiration of the Author Sylvain Reynard, as he wrote a Foreword in her Poetry Book “Utterly Loved“….and thus our connection has grown!

Debs: Hello Kat. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me. I truly appreciate having the opportunity to support and speak with you about your writing and Debut Novel “Forged in Dreams & Magick” which I am very excited about…oh how I love a man in a Kilt! ;-P


Kat: Thank you for inviting me to be here, Debra. And I’m very excited that you’re very excited! {vibrates}

Debs: Ok first off what’s there to know about Kat Bastion?
Kat: I’m happily married to the man of my dreams . . . my alpha male! We live amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona, in the USA. I’m an eternal optimist who loves getting lost in the beauty of nature. I stumbled into writing in the spring of 2010. Since then, I’ve drafted three full-length paranormal novels and have been fortunate enough to win two contests and final in three others with the first three chapters and synopsis from Forged in Dreams and Magick.
Debs:  Have you always wanted to write – Poetry and now Fiction?
Kat: No. Both were a complete accident.
The fictional writing discovery came first. I was a Type-A business mind, restless because my creativity wasn’t being nurtured and hadn’t been since childhood. Three years ago, after an extended illness during which I read dozens of romance books, I had a sudden burst of creativity. {grins broadly} Now, I can’t imagine not writing. It’s like oxygen to me.
The poetry also took me by complete surprise. One day, triggered by the Robert Frost poem “Fire and Ice” and inspired by the love I felt for my husband, words started flowing from my heart into expressive words on the page.
Debs: What inspires you with your writing?
Kat: Sensual experiences evoke emotion within me. Getting lost in a scent, a taste, or a feast for the eyes has so many rich layers. The first poem I ever wrote, “Heaven . . . Found” is a perfect example. One euphoric moment caused a cascade of words, enabling me to capture the feeling forever.
Debs:  Who are some of your favourite authors and poets?
Kat: I love poetry by Robert Frost, John Keats, and William Blake.
My favorite authors capture my interest with their complex stories and unique writing style. Their eloquently spun stories pull me into vivid worlds where I’m happily lost for hours on end and include: Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, and Sylvain Reynard.
Debs: What is the perfect writing environment for you?
Kat: I write best in the early morning in total silence, and it all happens at my desk, in my ergonomic chair, with my desktop computer. Nearly all of the poetry for Utterly Loved, however, was written into the Notes app on my iPhone.
Debs: How do you define Poetry?
Kat: Poetry is pure emotion set to words.
Debs: Words are the essence of story-telling, do you think Music and Pictures enhance that and why?
Kat: I do, in so far as music and pictures evoke the same emotion. The written word pulls the reader into a moment, and if music adds further depth or a photograph adds beauty, then they enrich the written experience with another dimension.
Debs: Do you have a motto?
Kat: I do. It was created while learning to snowboard, and I apply to my life:
Always the student, seeking to master.
Debs:  What excites you in life?
Kat: Enjoying the beauty of simple things in life, experiencing the richness of the world as if through the eyes of a child, is immensely rewarding. When talking about my hopes and dreams? I’m most excited to be using my author platform to boost awareness and increase the support of those charities fighting against the tragedy of human trafficking.
Debs: What does Charity Support & Awareness mean to you?
Kat: To me, Charity Support and Awareness embodies giving of the heart, sharing what we have with others, making a difference one act of kindness at a time. I’m incredibly grateful for the blessings I’ve been granted in my life, and Charity Support and Awareness is my way of giving back before receiving.
Debs: What’s the story behind the concept for your Blog ‘Talk to the Shoe’ ?
Kat: A professional photographer took an amazing photo of our shoes while my husband held me in his arms, and I chose that shoe photo as my social media avatar. When creating my blog, I tried to think of something funny and memorable. “Talk to the Shoe” seemed the natural choice. :) My blog is the way I share my writing and publishing journey with friends and followers.
Debs: What do you think about Social Media as an avenue for getting independent writers out there?
Kat: I think it’s unparalleled.
Debs: How involved have you been in the publishing and marketing for your books?
Kat: I’ve been completely involved in every aspect from a decision making and directional standpoint, however, once the manuscript was ready, I researched out and assembled a team of professionals who excel in their fields to assist me in their given areas.
Debs: Your Debut Novel is set in the Scottish Highlands! Why did you choose this setting?
Kat: I didn’t. {smiles slowly} It chose me. I’ve read many wonderful Highlander novels, the first of which I’d stumbled across while devouring everything Judith McNaught had ever written. But just like writing came to me without warning, so did the story of Forged in Dreams and Magick. The scenes kept unfolding in my mind, and I accepted the gift by documenting the amazing story.
Debs: Your main characters are based on Alpha Male Highlanders and Feisty Heroines….can you tell us a little about your Highland Legends Series?
Kat: Thank you, Debra. I’d love to. The Highland Legends Series revolves around three siblings within Clan Brodie (the clan commander in the holiday novella) and how a very special type of magick affects their lives. The themes in the first two stories center on faith, hope, and love. The last two stories also have integral elements of forgiveness and redemption. All the stories in the series have a common thread of the heroine/hero finding inner strength in the face of incredible adversity.
The book description of Forged in Dreams and Magick can be found on its Goodreads page.
The Highland Legends Series is unique in that Forged in Dreams and Magick is told in first person POV by the heroine. The holiday novella, Bound by Wish and Mistletoe is told in third person (deep POV). The third story, Born of Mist and Legend, and the fourth story, Found in Flame and Moonlight, are both told in first person POV from the hero’s POV.
Debs:Sounds amazing Kat I can’t wait to read!!!
Debs: What are your future projects?
Kat: If only I could write faster! Vibrating constantly within me are not only the last two novels of the Highland Legends Series, but also a spinoff series, which will incorporate the storyline, characters and world from my first two unpublished manuscripts. I also have a unique contemporary erotic romance that is waiting for its time in the spotlight.
Debs: Do you have a message for your fans?
Kat: Thank you. Every kind word, email, like, mention, and review is heartfelt and appreciated. Your support fires the courage within me to take that leap and trust I’ll fly.
# Rapid Fire Questions:
  • Debs: If you could invite anyone famous over for dinner who would you choose?
  • Kat: Only one? Hmmm… I’m not sure I could invite only one person. I would love to have a dinner party with a collection of those in this world who use their gifts to change this world for the better. A long list of ambassadors of great charitable causes come to mind.
  • Debs: Favourite Book Genre?  Kat: Paranormal Romance
  • Debs: Favourite Movies? Kat: Romantic Comedies and Action Adventure.
  • Debs: Favourite Music?  Kat:  Rock, alternative, jazz, dance and . . . flamenco. {sighs}
  • Debs: Favourite colour? Kat: At the moment, purple. No wait, green. Is it what I’m wearing? Black. {laughs} I’m drawn to dark jewel tones.
  • Debs: Twitter or Facebook? Kat: TWITTER!
  • Debs:  PC or Mac?  Kat:  PC
  • Debs: Books or Kindle? Kat:  Kindle, although I love holding a book.
  • Debs: Pens or pencils? Kat: Pens.
  • Debs: Tall or short? Kat: Tall.
  • Debs: Coffee or tea drinker?  Kat: Tea!
  • Debs: Dogs or cats?  Kat: Cats.
  • Debs: Superman or Batman? Kat: Batman! He’s got all the cool rides!
  • Debs:  Chocolate or Ice Cream? Kat: Chocolate.
  • Debs: Meat or Seafood? Kat:  Meat.
  • Debs: Beer, Wine or Spirit? Kat: Wine.
  • Debs: Camping or Hotel? Kat: Both. A camping trip that ends in a spontaneous, pampered hotel stay, complete with a room-service buffet. Been there. Done that.
  • Debs: Beach or Rainforest? Kat: Both! Sugar-sand beach on the edge of a butterfly-filled rainforest. What? It’s my fantasy!
  • Debs: Spirituality or Evolution? Kat: {dies laughing} Girl, you saved the heavy question for last, didn’t you? I can’t wait for you to read Forged in Dreams and Magick and Bound by Wish and Mistletoe. Our heroine is an archaeologist and her journey and beliefs touch on the paradoxes between science and spirituality.
  • Debs: …Oh really how fascinating!!!
Thank-you again Kat it was a real pleasure getting to know you a little s’more! And to those who read I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did 😊 ~ Debs xo
# Please click on the Links to check-out Award-Winning Author Kat Bastion:
  • Books:
  • Bound by Wish and Mistletoe – releases 11/2013